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TrueSight Media offers a full suite of marketing, advertising, public relations and entertainment services which include strategy, development, production and distribution. Unlike many “Media” companies these days, we have all the on-site production resources, personnel and systems to create top-flight television, advertising and marketing content in house. Our full-service media production facility is equipped with five video editing suites, graphics and compositing systems, 3D animation & modeling, studio lighting, high-end camera and field production equipment and much more. In addition, TrueSight Media has an incredible team of designers, writers, video editors, motion graphics & 3D artists, producers, directors, and support staff. Having these amazing resources at our fingertips allows us to respond quickly and cost-effectively to any and all media needs for our clients. From promos and commercials to PSAs and print ads, TrueSight is able to create the highest quality media content right under its own roof.

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From brand strategy to product launches, from integrated marketing campaign planning to comprehensive market research, our team of industry experts has done it all. Our team has helped create and implement marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies like Exxon Mobil, AOL and General Dynamics, as well as startups with big ideas and small budgets.


Our areas of expertise include:

       - Fully Integrated Marketing Campaign Planning

       - Market Research & Strategy

       - Branded Television & Media Buying

       - Commercial Spots

       - Marketing & Event Content

       - 2D/3D Animation & Graphics

       - Web Development

       - Public Relations

       - Media Consulting

       - Brand Strategy




At TrueSight, we're dedicated to truly seeing the story from every angle, and then showing it and telling it as the people who know the story best would want it told. Whether that story is an expedition to a remote mountain peak or a family fishing trip to the local pond, whether it's the story of an entire company or simply the story of how a product overcomes a set of challenges. TrueSight can tell it like nobody else can.

Meet the staff and crew that helps bring our company story to life!



Jon Meeker

Jon Meeker

Graduating from MSU Denver in 2013, Jon Meeker has a passion for anything media or technology related. Jon works on cars, rides road bikes and enjoys long color-correction sessions in his studio.

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