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phone: 303.948.8203

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We are always on the lookout for new creative talent in our production and post-production departments. We're currently looking for contract/freelance workers with Reality TV experience. Please click above and email us a cover letter, resume and an online link to some examples of your work. 

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Thank you for your interest in wanting to submit a program proposal for possible use by TrueSight Meida LLC (TrueSight). TrueSight receives a high volume of proposals relating to possible programs, possible series, and other ideas relating to development of programming and other content. Please recognize that TrueSight also has an in-house programming staff that is constantly developing new programming and programming concepts. By submitting a programming proposal (Submit) to TrueSight, you acknowledge and agree that:


  1. You have the intellectual property rights to share and market the Submission.

  2. TrueSight has received and will in the future receive numerous proposals relating to programming and programming concepts from numerous third parties.

  3. TrueSight is developing programming and programming concepts for many different networks and genres using its own in-house staff and third parties.

  4. TrueSight may already have been working, prior to its receipt of the Submission, on programming or programming concepts similar to what is contained in the Submission.

  5. You agree that you will not be entitled to any compensation because of the use by TrueSight of any proposal or material, even if similar or identical to your Submission, which may have been independently created by TrueSight or its affiliated companies, or may have come to TrueSight or its affiliated companies from any other independent source.

  6. Nothing contained in this statement nor the fact of your submission of any proposal or material by you shall be deemed to place TrueSight or its affiliated companies in any different position than anyone else to whom you have not submitted such a proposal or material with respect to any portion of said proposal or material which does not constitute protectable literary property.

  7. You will not be entitled to any compensation from TrueSight with respect to the Submission and no obligation of any kind is assumed or may be implied against TrueSight or by reason of TrueSight's review of the said material or any discussions or neotiations we may have, unless, following your returning to TrueSight the counter-signed original of this letter with the Submission attached, you and TrueSight enter into a formal, binding, written contract to govern TrueSight's exploitation of the Submission and the compensation to be payable to you as a result of such exploitation.

  8. You understand that materials sent to TrueSight will not be returned, and you agree to retain at least one copy of said material, and you release TrueSight from any and all liability of loss of, or damage to, the copies of the material submitted by you hereunder.

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